To all the many Friends of The Violette Szabó GC Society 2013

This newsletter comes to wish you all a very special and happy time over the Easter period, and to invite you to Violette’s Thirteenth Memorial Gathering on Sunday 30th June 2013 at 2.00pm at "Cartref House", Wormelow. I hope we will have a wonderful afternoon in the garden once again! Please would you kindly help by bringing different items to add to the refreshments, also garden chairs and a folding table.

Virginia McKenna OBE is again hoping to be with us which will be super, and I do hope you will all be here too, with luck may it be a very happy and sunny afternoon!

Please note the change of date to Sunday 30th June 2013 at the special request of Virginia, who had found it impossible to be with us the day before. I would like to ask each of the Friends of the Violette Szabó GC Society to arrange an appointment with the Editor of their local newspaper, telling them a little about Violette and her special Museum, where it is, my name and phone number 01981 540477 as the Founder and Owner of the Museum – Rosemary E. Rigby MBE. Please will you ask that in the article they write and put in their newspaper, they specifically mention Violette’s great occasion in 2013 is the 30th June. I feel this would be of great value to Violette and spread the word for her. If any Editor would be pleased to send a journalist, it could be truly wonderful and they would learn a lot more!!

Exciting news – A London gentleman, Mr Frederick Pearson, is planning to bring a Pipe Band to honour Violette on the 30th June. The Band – the Epping Forest Pipe Band, DV to be in Park Hall, Wormelow, at 1.30pm to head the procession of Standard Bearers, as they march to Violette’s Museum. This is very exciting for me, as I have always longed to achieve the presence of a band for Violette on one of her special days, and this year is the year!!

Our wonderful Wormelow postman, Dave Harris, you will remember how he made Cider and Perry for Violette last year, this autumn had another brainwave, and has so very kindly planted a great many daffodils on the Millennium Green for Violette, the two most special designs being a very large V and S. How about that!!

My little Violette cat is still very well and happy and I feel that it is interesting to remember how often the name of Violette is called across my garden and area!

Dave Harris also very generously gave his holiday time and painted the precious seats on the Millennium Green and in the garden in the hope of preserving them for the future. Our most grateful thanks are extended to him, also to his very kind brother who brought his tractor and super machine and mowed the grass on the Millennium Green. It has all made such a great difference!

More news – the three lovely laminated photos of the three friends – Violette, Lilian Rolfe and Denise Bloch, courtesy of Mr Doug Cresswell, plus the 1,000 leaflets that you all most willingly helped me to achieve, have been sent and received at Ravensbruck Memorial Site, and will be displayed together when the new area is opened on Sunday 21st April 2013. The Director, Dr Insa Eschebach is delighted with them.

I know you will all be very sad to hear that Mrs Pam Mortimore died on Christmas Eve. She was so devoted to Violette and was always with us on Violette’s special days, however difficult it was. I was privileged to spend an hour with her in hospital on the Saturday, taking Violette’s love and all your regards. We and the world have all lost a very special person, may God bless her.

On Saturday the 29th September I returned once again to the National Memorial Arboretum, this time with the Soroptimist International Society, to help with planting bulbs in the War Widows area. To my great delight and surprise at 2pm two Spitfires flew over this very special area! It was the most wonderful sight imaginable!! A happy secret just for you to know – In April I am to have the honour of becoming the President of our Hereford Soroptimist Club. My Charities will be Violette’s Museum and The Ross Action Committee.

It has been another very busy year at the Museum, with many people visiting from all over the world! I have given lots of talks and so spreading the word for Violette.

I will again be hoping to open the Museum each Wednesday from April to October, 11.30am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 4pm.

May I mention that the Violette Szabó G.C. Society annual subscription of £10 would be most welcome at the time of her birthday, it will all help most greatly to keep the Museum up and running!!

Mark and Jenny Marendaz again came to light the Christmas lights in my garden, so beautiful, and I hope much enjoyed by all in heaven!

I would specially like to thank Roger Tobbell for so kindly replacing the old sign on Violette’s door with a lovely new one, with the words ‘Violette Szabó – Her Name Carved with Pride’.

May I say how terribly shocked I was to hear from Roger of the passing of his beloved wife Anne on Christmas eve. I can only hope he will find a new peace now he is living in Scotland. I now realise that Anne and Pam joined Violette the same day.

Most special thanks to Derek Smith for so kindly continuing to care for Violette’s Roses, they were truly beautiful last year and much enjoyed by everyone!!

Mark Marendaz, a great admirer of Violette, has been so good in coming over when possible and giving a day of his precious time. I would also specially like to thank Jeanette and Michael Wardle of Wormelow, for so very kindly coming to my rescue and planting up all the garden containers, baskets, wheelbarrows etc, which made everything look pretty for your visit last year on the 23rd June. I can only hope they may be good enough to help me again this year, as they are true professionals! Thanks must also go to my own cousins, who came and worked very hard to help to achieve the best we could.

Mr Mel Williams, Master of the South Hereford Hunt, will once again open his super big field for parking.

On behalf of Violette and myself, may I thank everyone for the many Christmas cards, letters, donations, books, phone calls, etc: so much appreciated! Also my special Get Well cards!!

DV, Violette’s special day next year should be Saturday 28th June 2014.

Let joy and happiness bring us together!

Yours most sincerely

Rosemary E. Rigby M.B.E.
Founder and Owner of The Violette Szabó GC Museum
01981 540477

P.S. I have just received an invitation from Pam Mortimore’s daughter to read Violette’s special Poem at her mother’s memorial service on Saturday 1st June. I will be delighted to do so!!

I am enclosing one of Violette’s leaflets: please would you present it to the Editor of your local paper when visiting!