To all the many Friends of The Violette Szabó GC Society 2019

All good wishes to everyone, and hoping you are all very well, following this long winter!

I have not managed at all well, and have been quite poorly three times – so three courses of the dreaded antibiotics!! Now, thank God, I am starting to feel much better, but I have lost a lot of time!! This is why I do ask for and need a great deal of help! So anybody with a few hours to give? – please come forward!!

Do please remember the change in Violette’s special days! – Sunday 14th July 2019, 2pm at “Cartref House” or 1.30pm in The Park in Wormelow to join the Parade of Standards to the Museum.

This year Violette’s theme is Friendship! I was told this before you left the garden last year!! Good thing I have a memory!!!

Two more important dates for your diary – Sunday 12th July 2020 and 11th July 2021 – such a very special year for Violette, – 100 since her birth, 21st birthday for the Museum, and the day I hope to open the new build (an extra room so greatly needed for the Museum), The Reading Room! My new £25,000 project!! If possible, please help with special donations! I myself am working with every bit of energy I can muster!!

I have sent an invitation to our Queen and Prime Minister, and let’s hope you will all be here as well! I would love to make it a truly great day! Remembering the 24th June 2000 – the day of the opening, it was thought two thousand people came to Wormelow, from all over the world!!

So may I implore all of you, to spread the word among Friends, Organisations, Local Newspapers, Television, so we can make it a day Violette and Friends so richly deserve!!

The Museum has again had a very busy year with many visitors, groups and coach loads coming. All find it a unique experience, and look forward to returning! I often find people at my gate eagerly wanting to come in, and I always try very hard to help them! Usually with the same words – “You see – we will never pass this way again!”

I look forward again with joy to welcoming Virginia, who I know is taking a great interest in the next three years events! Thank you Virginia!!

Following your many requests, it is wonderful to know, DV, Ruby Ann is also to be with us, and I am sure will again captivate everyone with her lovely singing and winning ways!

Parking is always a worry! But guests are again to have the privilege of parking in the lovely big field behind my house, for which we are most grateful.

Regarding Violette’s Roses – 23 in number: Royal Williams – £20 each, being sold to make room for the new build! Please drop me a line with the money! It will be a case of first come, first lucky!! The donations will go towards the above. They are a beautiful red and have a delightful perfume! Please could you arrange to collect them during the next winter, it would be most helpful!

The “Cartref” Garden once again is a great worry! All help would be most gratefully received! My great friend Ann of Monmouth is trying to help in any way possible, but more help is urgently needed. I am so hoping the staff of the Waitrose Stores of Hereford and Monmouth will once again come forward and help. They have been so wonderful in the past.

Please note – The Evening Meal after the day of celebration is not at The Axe and Cleaver Inn because it was found they had a big Birthday Party booked 12 months before on that night, so I have approached the Management of The Pilgrim Hotel at Much Birch, who have most kindly offered to host the evening! At 7pm as usual. We have three special choices:

1: Herefordshire Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, served with roast potatoes and chef’s choice of vegetables
2: Local Roast Pork with Crackling, sage and onion stuffing, Yorkshire Pudding, served with roast potatoes and chef’s choice of vegetables
3: Home made Cheese, Leek and Potato Bake, served with new potatoes and fresh mixed salad.

1: Seasonal Crumble with custard, 2: Traditional Sherry Trifle, 3: Local vanilla Ice Cream.

One course £11.95, Two courses £15.95. The Manager, Trevor, has kindly kept the cost as last year. If you would again love to join us, please phone or write to me giving your choice of menu and a cheque for the full amount.

I am again asking for donations of refreshments such as a loaf of sandwiches, cakes, scones etc. We also urgently need help with serving the tea. My neighbour and friend Mrs Shirley Jones is wonderful, but help is always needed. Please may we also borrow your garden chairs and small tables, we need so many and never have enough.

I am so lucky to have the help and support of the members of my British Legion Club – St Weonards – so greatly appreciated.

Violette’s 2020 Memorial Gathering with God’s help, should be on Sunday 12th July at 2pm. Please make sure you come and bring friends!

May I on behalf of Violette and myself thank everyone for their continued constant support, so much needed.

Lastly please note – on Friday the 12th July, we urgently need lots of help with erecting the marquees and tents in the garden. This is an immense task and special help is desperately needed! We try to start at 10am.

Let joy and happiness once more bring us together!

Yours most sincerely

Rosemary E. Rigby M.B.E.

Holder of the Points of Light Award and
Founder and Owner of
The Violette Szabó GC Museum

01981 540477

The Prime Minister Rt Hon. Theresa May has honoured me with her Points of Light Award, recognising my project to keep alive the memory of Violette Szabó G.C.