To all the many Friends of The Violette Szabó GC Society 2021

May I say how very sad I feel to give you the news of the change of date for the Celebration of Violette’s 100th year! I can only hope you can imagine how totally devastated I am, knowing for the last six years it has been my one great goal! But having talked with several of Violette’s own wonderful supporters and the police, I and they all feel it is the right decision to make. It would be so terrible and damaging to the name of Violette if the whole event became farcical.

So now we must all go forward with great joy in our souls to make the 10th July 2022 a truly great and special occasion!!

Please note – it is with Virginia’s encouragement I am hoping to make a small film here on the 26th June to be shown on Zoom on Sunday 11th July 2021 at 3pm, when I will hope to show you all around Violette's new Reading Room! Please keep in touch for further details – Telephone: 01981 540477.

The Reading Room is now almost completed, it is looking truly lovely following the special hard work of Joe Price the Stonemason, in a very sad year for him – the great loss of a little nephew George at 5 years old, and a grandfather with the Coronavirus. At the time George died I prayed very hard that Violette would find him in Heaven and help him settle in. He will always be remembered at the Museum, by a large G being engraved on the wall and in the future this will become a little competition for tiny people when visiting – the prize being a lollipop – little George's favourite sweet! I also inspired Joe to add his initials to a second stone, so in the years to come visitors will always know whose lovely work the new stonework is!! We also found and replaced a stone, in the shape of the letter V placed by Bill Rosser, who built the original Museum in 2000 – 21 years ago!!

During the year, Violette lost a great friend – Mr Peter Davies, President of St Weonards Royal British Legion. He attended every year and did the exhortations in the service for Violette. I think he was 96 – RIP.

I was so sorry not to attend his funeral, but as with everything else, due to this awful virus I could not go, what a time! I have not been into a shop for over 12 months! A very kind friend Glenys Willis brings me food each week. I am very lucky and have now had my second anti-virus injection!!!

A few days ago at the end of April, I entered Violette's Reading Room for the first time – now nearly completed, and was struck by the feeling of total peace!! I knew then, Violette was telling me of her happiness at the beautiful room, now awaiting so many of her unseen treasures to be placed! I am so grateful to God that I am still alive and able to help with this!!!

As Violette's wonderful supporters from far and wide, I do hope so much you will also find pride and joy in knowing this greatly needed extension to celebrate Violette's wonderful life, is now a reality! When I glance towards the Museum my thoughts are – of it now looking – substantial and right. I feel this could not be better!!

A recent lovely memory to share with you – when Prince Phillip died I had my Union Jack flag flown at half mast in his honour on Saturday 17th April, the day of his funeral, at 2pm. A car drew up at my gate and a gentleman got out, put on his Service Hat and played The Last Post, to the flag and Violette's sign, bowed deeply and left! A treasured memory I will always keep!!

I know we all send our most loyal messages of sympathy to our Queen, may God bless and help her!

Yours most sincerely

Rosemary E. Rigby M.B.E.

Holder of the Points of Light Award and
Founder and Owner of
The Violette Szabó GC Museum

01981 540477

P.S. Survival – My Christmas Day Lunch and other goodies were brought to me on Christmas Eve, by my good friend Bridget. My Goddaughter Lorna sending a lovely lasagne.

Lots of Sunday Lunches and others!

Many phone calls and other little extras, with lots of calls coming from Isobel (another Goddaughter).

Several cream teas.

Lovely flowers including a beautiful bouquet from Freya (another Goddaughter).

A neighbour who got my bread and coffee.

Another neighbour who checked my car tyres if I had to go out.

A super birthday cake from Ann.

A gentleman who delivered a newsletter each month and my Christmas Cards.

Another friend who kindly brings my prescription each month.

A new friend Angela with great support and research.

To everyone who has helped me, my most sincere and grateful thanks!

P.P.S. I would like to ask if everyone would bring their own picnic next year – for my friend Mrs Shirley Jones and helpers who have covered it for over 20 years, may find it a little too much.

In 2017 The Prime Minister Rt Hon. Theresa May has honoured me with her Points of Light Award, recognising my project to keep alive the memory of Violette Szabó G.C.