To all Violette’s special Friends of her Violette Szabó GC Society 2022

May I say following the last 2 years of great sadness and difficulty trying to survive the terrible Coronavirus, with so many having the great loss of a special member of their family, I feel sure Violette’s heart breaks for them, and we will never forget. R.I.P.

Please help to make Violette’s postponed 100th year celebration from last year – to Sunday 10th July this year, 2022 – a very great occasion!

I have found a Highland Piper to lead the parade from the Park in Wormelow at 1.30pm, he will bring them as far as my gate and then fall out. The Parade will then pause at The Rosemary Rigby Millennium Green, where the wonderful winning Violette Szabó race horse with her jockey will lead them to Violette’s Museum!! Let’s hope there will be many in the Parade! Please mention it to everyone you know!!

Violette Szabó Race Horse won at Beverley on Violette’s birthday 26th June last year at 7–1. How about that? She is hoping to arrive at 12pm and leave at 2pm – all thanks to her!!

The last two years have been very quiet at the Museum, with very few visitors owing to the Virus, but now with God’s help I am hoping to get it up and going again! I have mainly opened for visitors to the area, who have been most appreciative. It is with great joy I look forward to the cutting of the ribbon to open Violette’s beautiful new Reading Room, and so pray Virginia will be with us and do this special act for Violette!!

Parking is always a great worry, but it is hoped guests will again have the privilege of parking in the big field behind my house, we are most grateful for this help.

To honour the great Violette Szabó the R.A.F. are planning a very special fly-past for her! So at 3pm they hope to bring a Hurricane – what truly grateful thanks we give them! I feel sure Violette would be so thrilled!!

Last year was also the 21st anniversary of the opening of the Museum and The Millennium Green. To recognise this, and through the great expert help of a near neighbour Michael Jones, I have had the boundary hedge cut – what joy! I can now see the horses, rabbits playing, the occasional pheasant, and 2 hens were enjoying a walk yesterday! It is also very important to Violette’s story, now again can be seen the house on the hill where Violette’s Uncle worked for 15 years as the Whipper-In for the South Hereford Hunt. I always tell visitors that without a fox she would never have visited Wormelow!!

Another precious memory, following the Queen reading Violette’s 2021 Newsletter, she most kindly sent a lovely little letter, mentioning the friends Violette had lost, and I think perhaps inspired by the small tribute to Prince Phillip on the day of his funeral. What a wonderfully kind thought, also enclosing a delightful card in memory of Prince Phillip which is now in the Museum.

At the moment I am enjoying a small glade of wild daffodils on the Green, with the sun shining on them!

We are looking forward to the special visit of Sophie Poldermans, a Dutch author, speaking about her book – Seducing and Killing Nazis. It is a great story about Hannie, Truus and Freddie: Dutch Resistance heroines of WWII. For this Sophie has won awards from The New York Post and Amazon Best Seller 2019. From now they will be on sale at the Museum.

Roger Leivers will also say a few words and introduce his new book Godmanchester at War, obtainable at the Museum.

Major Fred Greenhow MBE has written a booklet in colour about Violette and her time in France, especially to help the Museum funds! How extremely kind of him!

I understand the Queen wants everyone to plant a tree during this very special year! This I have achieved with the help of a good friend. It is a fine young Walnut – planted and grown by a Wormelow squirrel. It is now on The Millennium Green! Very good luck!!

Please will you kindly bring a family picnic and chairs, also remembering to give space to everyone!

Please read the enclosed carefully and keep the invitation for ever!

I am so looking forward to seeing you all, and welcoming you on behalf of Violette!

Yours very sincerely

Rosemary E. Rigby M.B.E.

Holder of the Points of Light Award and
Founder and Owner of
The Violette Szabó Museum
01981 540477

PS. Please note – Violette’s special day next year D.V. is on Sunday 9th July 2023 at 1.30 pm.